is certified as one of the official distributor of Geo Medical lenses from South Korea. is founded in 2007 and started to sell Geo Contact Lens thereafter. Circle lenses are more of less the same as your normal colored contacts. It corrects your vision and also enhance the beauty of your eyes too. You will feel somehow more confident after wearing. Absolutely more alluring, attractive and defined. You can rest assure the Geo Medical lenses you purchase from us are genuine. Geo Medical adapts Sandwich Printing Technology to manufacture a high quality and safe circle lens. 

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GEO Medical Co.Ltd. is growing as a leading venture enterprise specialized in bio-engineering research and manufacturing of contact lenses.GEO Medical is 'Excellent SMB' certified by Korea International Trade Association, the biggest business association in Korea. 

Geo Medical has steadily built up quality control based productive facilities and adopted new technologies for its ever expanding customer base. By supplying innovative and top quality color contact lenses along with outstanding service, they have served customers from all over the world such as Australia, Asian countries, Middle East countries, United states, Canada, United Kingdom, France and many European countries.

GEO Medical is one of the few lens companies which is internationally certified, as follows,

KFDA - Korean Food & Drugs Administration
MHLW - Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
ISO 13485 - International Standard Organisation
CE - Conformité Européenne - Europe
US FDA - U S Food and Drug Administration is about to give certification

Geocontactlens authenticity

Geocontactlens authenticityGeocontactlens authenticity